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Refresh Your Car

Does your vehicle need some TLC? At Atlas Luxury Auto Care of Palmdale, CA, we offer superior detailing services. Our exterior and interior detailing services include regular wash packages, interior cleaning and sanitizing, as well as exterior paint protection options.

Exterior Detailing Services

Exterior Detail Package

Includes a complete hand wash & dry topped with a fresh hand wax.
Key Features:

Hand Applied Wax

Exterior Glass Cleaned

Wheels & Wheel Barrels Cleaned

Sling Free Wheel Dressing

Interior Vacuum and Dashboard Dressing

Exterior Detail Package Upgrades

Paint Decontamination

We decontaminate your paint using either a clay-bar or chemical bath. This removes bonded contamination and is recommended before paint protection is applied such as wax.

High-Gloss Paint Sealant

Synthetic Paint sealant that provides high-grade paint protection as well as high gloss. We recommend this if you’re looking for more serious paint protection.

Swirl Reducing Polish Service

A gloss enhancing polishing service that cuts down on swirls and adds a high gloss shine to your paintwork. We recommend this service if you want to give your paint a nice refresher.

Interior Detailing Services

Interior Detail Package

Includes a top to bottom steam, wipe down, and dusting of all surfaces.
Key Features:

Full Interior Vacuum

UV protection applied to all plastic panels

Cupholders, driver area, dashboard, and controls cleaned

Seat wipe down

Light spot cleaning of cloth seats

Clean rubber mats

Clean all interior glass

Interior Detail Package Upgrades

Leather or Vinyl Seat Deep Clean

Deep cleaning of leather or vinyl seats with dedicated cleaner followed up by a dedicated conditioner to renew, restore, and protect.

Seat OR Carpet Shampoo

Heated spot and stain removal of either your cloth seats or carpet flooring and mats

Seat AND Carpet Shampoo

Heated spot and stain removal of your cloth seats, carpet flooring and mats.

Additional Detailing Services

Headlight Restoration

Trim Restoration

Fluid Top Off

Water-spot removal – Acid Bath

Overspray Removal

Trim Protectant

Cabin and Engine Air Filter Replacement

Engine Wash

Glass Polish/Oxidation Removal

Interior Ozone Treatment/Smoke Treatment

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